Friday, March 1, 2013

rome: five days

March 2013

I was able to tag along with Bren on a business trip to Roma...thanks to dear friends for taking our children under their wings. xo

We had previously been to Rome as a family so this was a different kind of trip. We were able to revisit some of our favorite sites, walk the city and dine with airline friends.

we love going to the Pantheon...truly amazing

Campo di Fiori

the fountains continue to draw me in...fresh cold water
from the roman aqueducts

Trevi Fountain
not really ours...don't think we would fit

The Pinhos and The Frieses

The Pantheon on a slightly rainy evening.
A table under the umbrella with a view (understatement)

Best Pizza in Rome...our favorite and a favorite of the locals
Navona Notte (Ristorante Pizzeria)
Via del Teatro Pace, 44 - 00186 Roma
...right off of Piazza Navona

Walking Tour and Cooking Day

www.fabiolouscookingday (100 Euros)

The class began with meeting Fabio (our instructor) at a designated spot in the city. We had 5 students in our class. 2 Russian, 2 American, and 1 Australian....and 3 chefs.

We walked to the market to get our ingredients as well as the butcher's shop. Seeing sites along the way...we ended up at the Cooking School, an apartment laid out with a functional kitchen and dining area for enjoying our meal afterwards.
Immediately we began work preparing all sorts of wonderful dishes. We were then able to sit down and enjoy all our dishes accompanied by wine. We then walked to Fabio's restaurant: "That's Amore" and enjoyed a decadent dessert and esspresso.

Chefs Fabio and Igor
Fabio explains the preparation of the chicken at the butcher shop

pounded boneless chicken thighs
stuffed with sausage and wrapped in bacon

The simple beginnings of pasta
homemade gnocci

pasta about to become ravioli and lasagna

artichoke ravioli
Our Chefs and organizers