Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I was fortunate enough to be able to travel with Bren to Paris for a weeklong meeting. We had a few days together before he began his meetings...bicycling and picnicing along the Seine...lovely cafes...truly a romantic city. Once meetings kicked in, I began to wander, map in hand. One of the other wives and myself found a wonderful flea/art market, from which I purchased two wall sconces and a chandelier (my souvenirs). The vendors brought out mulled wine, baguettes, and cheeses at lunch time. It was like wandering thru a museum of antiquities compared to a flea market in the U.S. We found the people charming and very patient with my French. It was wonderful to actually use a different language. I got so much better in one weeks time, and so look forward to going back...next time on a French Canal Houseboat Rental...Au Revoir.

jet lagged and in Paris...
November 4th...Notre Dame, illuminated for Bren's birthday!

Arc du Triomphe...going up
city layout from the top of the Arc...Napoleon could plan a city...
top of the Arc

looking up in Paris...The Louvre, The Arc du Triomphe, and The Eiffel Tower.

Le Louvre en la bicyclette
Our hotel...
room service
loved this finish
a parisian kitchen store
flower store

the subway...loved wandering the city: mid-morning to night-fall.