Monday, September 8, 2014

South of France: 3 Days

Bren and I had the opportunity to sneak away for a quick trip to the South of France to celebrate our 24th Wedding Anniversary. We wanted to see the beauty of the area, and do a bit of hiking, so we decided to carry back packs and rely on trains and buses for our various destinations.  Here is what we did...

Tuesday Sept 8, 2014: Nice to St. Paul du Vence

Flew into Nice and jumped on a bus to Vence.

Dropped bags and checked into hotel: Auberge des Seigneurs
We loved the authenticity of this hotel. The room was furnished with antiques and it had a cozy restaurant. Highly recommend it.

Auberge des Seigneurs: Vence
checking in...

Our Room
Our Room
Armoire in our room
View from our room

After unpacking...we hiked via a wooded path to...St. Paul De Vence
This scenic, hilltop village lives on a vast rolling landscape. Take your time to wander through the old stoned streets with chatty sidewalk cafes, try the local wines and wares, appreciate the art, linger around the fountains and simply take it all in. A cultural feast:

Hike to St. Paul du Vence

roof top

St. Paul du Vence


Then we hiked back to Vence for Dinner and explored the town.

We had dinner and breakfast in the hotel restaurant

Wednesday Sept 9, 2014: Vence to Ville-Franche-Sur-Mer

We packed up and took a bus to Ville-Franche-Sur-Mer. We stayed the remaining 2 nights here and day-tripped out and back. 
View from our Hotel Ville Franche Sur Mer
Set just beside Nice, Villefranche has a little town feel, with its small fisherman's port lined with cafes and local restaurants. The streets of the town have a distinct medieval flair, especially its 14th century rue obscure, a covered and vaulted street, dimly lit, haunting and majestic in design. 

We were short on time so we ended up taking a bus to Eze and Hiking down only...It was still a challenging hike...take plenty of water.


Hike up to Eze:
Sleep Donkey Paths with breathtaking views which will certainly work up your appetite.
Simply the most charming medieval village on the Riviera. This 12th century fortified area navigates around the ruins of the old Ch√Ęteau and oozes with history. Its cliff top location provides panoramic views over the Mediterranean. Behind the village walls are hand-lain cobblestone streets lined with craftsmen and artist studios, exotic gardens and historical remnants. On the outskirts you will discover secrets of perfume creation at the world famous Fragonard Parfumerie.
Hike down from Eze:

Explored Ville-Franche-Sur-Mer and Area

The Nietzsche Trail: Hike Down to Eze Sur Mer

Our Favorite Bar in Eze Sur Mer: ANJUNA
Right on the Coast where Yachts were moored...and would be brought in by dinghies for lunch/dinner and supplies

That night we had dinner in Ville Franche Sur Mer

Ville Franche Sur Mer
Ville Franche Sur Mer

Thursday Sept. 10th, 2017

Spent the day renting bikes and riding around the coast of Ville Franche Sur Mer and Areas. Even went back to our favorite bar on the water and the beach on the way back. The water was so clear that we could see sunken boats right through the water. Beautiful bike bath all along the coast and in and amongst the mansions. 

a little chilled Rose
Back to our favorite Bar on the Coast at Eze Sur Mer: Anjuna

took a little dip in his skiveys
back to the bikes...