Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fraternity Furniture:

Theta Chi Beer Cap Table

He needs college furniture for a Fraternity House – a dresser, a desk, and a coffee table (not that it will ever be used for coffee). I know its going to take a beating and needs to be its off to the local Thrift store to see what I can find. $70 later, I have 3 sturdy pieces. I can't help myself... have to put my touch on them.

The Beer Cap Table: We added a trim piece to frame the inside of the table and I added a coat of paint. I then arranged our collection of beer caps in my desired pattern. After it was all laid out, I poured coats of a liquid varnish over until the caps were completely covered.

A little paint, some distressing, new hardware and 1000 beer caps (give or take a few).... and we are all set for move-in day.