Wednesday, April 6, 2011

costa rica: horse ride

Trip had never really had the opportunity to ride a horse outside of a pony this was a great opportunity. It was $30 for a 3 hour trip, but we decided to limit the ride to 2 hours since we were not used to riding. We were so was the perfect length.


Trip and Mom...the land in the background is where our resort was located.

Trip's horse was named Baby Racoon, mine was Bobby and the guide's horse was Black. We followed the guide thru some little villages and out along the ocean. Walking on the beach, up through hillsides. We were walking along Playa Conchal. It was a beautiful beach with really calm waters. Our beach at the resort was much more playful and fun for body surfing....but this was lovely. We passed the resort: Reserva Conchal, which looked very luxurious and had a golf course. Another Resort we would look into next time is Paradisus Playa Conchal. The thing to consider is whether or not you will take advatage of the all-inclusive package if you are out and about doing lots of adventures. That was our dilema.

Reserva Conchal Resort. We rode on a path through the grove of trees you see in the picture.

On our ride back, I was filming the area when two dogs rushed my horse...a little startling at the time, but caught it on tape.