Thursday, April 7, 2011

costa rica: fishing trip

We went out for a 1/2 day trip on the Sun King. We had heard that the fishing had not been too good in the past few weeks, but having never been on a deep sea fishing trip we forged ahead. This was Trip's Birthday wish...he passed on a kid party to be able to do this adventure as a family.


We had been boating for about 40 minutes, when Cal caught the first fish....A Mackerel. Cal proceeded to hold up the fish for the camera...not thinking too much about the razor sharp teeth right by his fingers...
When handing the fish off to the guide...the fish dropped on deck, flopping around. One guide picked it up and lost it it continued to flop, it flopped right next the head guide's foot and sliced the top of his foot wide open. Blood everywhere...the fish is caught and we take the guide into our care.

Wrapping his foot, keeping it elevated with pressure, we were able to stop the flow of blood, as the boat turned around to drop him off on shore to get stitches. We later learned he had 13 stitches and would be out for 10 days...
We then headed out again. Cal was splattered with blood from the fish and the guide for the rest of the trip.

We were served nachos, and a fresh fruit plate, along with sodas and beers. It was a gorgeous day, and though we did not catch any monster fish we still had a good time.

Trip with his Red Snapper.

The tinniest catch...

Nick's Bonita held by the guide.

Trip and Dad

The boys on the front of the boat, heading back.