Saturday, April 9, 2011

costa rica: zip line

We arrived via ATV to the Congo Trail Zip amazing maze of platforms and cables high up in the tree tops. We climbed steps and ladders to get to the first of the platforms.

You are hooked by your cable to the platform's cables which are attached to the tree....awaiting your turn to jumb up and get hooked to the zip line cable. you were leather gloves. One hand holds your harness and the other holds one of the cables loosely from behind your head. This is pulled down on, in order to slow as approaching the next platform.... You go from one to the next...really quite amazing.

mama...geared up

trip zipping

Trip zipping...

looking forward thru a zoom lens to the next platform.

there it is...we also saw howler monkeys in the trees.

nick zipping...

cal zipping...

the boys hiking to the next section

Nick held a camera in his hand as he zip-lined...