Friday, April 8, 2011

costa rica: dinning

Our resort was an easy place in which to relax, swim in the ocean...walk over to the pool, and swim up to the bar for a cool refreshing pina colada. We ordered lunch on occasion by the pool (their sandwiches were good) but generally heading off the compound was much more tasty and interesting. Just outside the gate was Marie's, which I mentioned earlier for their fish tacos, but their drinks were amazing... I ordered a mojito and wondered what was taking so long to make a mojito...finally looking over at the bar, we witnessed the care being taken to hand squeeze the limes, crush the mint with sugar far the best mojito ever! Of course Imperial beer was the local beer, but on a return visit to Marie's, Bren couldn't resist their Pina Colada which is a sight to behold, and a meal unto itself.

We were somewhat limited by the fact we had not rented a vehicle...we went to restaurants within walking distance, however cabs were also easily available. The Laguna Azul beachside restaurant had been mentioned by a few locals...just past the Plae Mar Restaurant. Rustic wood tables right on the ocean, with hammocks hanging nearby. Puppies at our feet and Grandma cooking in the kitchen, with Grandpa lounging 10 feet away in his 'front yard'...the beach. It was a family affair, as most of them seem to be. These restaurants are very reasonable and offer fish, chicken...and burgers. Bren and I had the Mahi Mahi which came with a side of rice and black beans. We ordered bottled water everywhere except the resort which served bottled water from a cooler...
waiting for our lunch at Laguna Azul

Trip with Puppy #1

puppy #2

There were also pizza shacks, sandwich stops and little grocers, where we purchased snacks, sodas, beers etc...for the room and beach. I brought foldable beach bags...but next time I would also bring one of those soft, insulated, foldable coolers too.